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"Students Activity Council (SAC)"

The Student Activity Council is a consolidated group of students, determined to work for the betterment and enrichment of the culture, decorum and discipline of the institute. It has been summoned to work for the advancement of not only academics but also extra-curricular activities. SAC at SIStec Campus works as an active unit to ensure a smooth and proper conduction of various students’ activities not only in the college campus but also outside the campus. SAC consists of 7 different activity committees namely Alumni Committee, Editorial Committee, Sports Committee, IT Committee, Hostel and Mess Committee, Cultural Committee and Academic Affairs Committee. All these Committees are dedicated to execute the Council well and channelize the potential towards right direction.

Every year SAC interviews are conducted to appoint President, Vice President and Committee Members. Students are scrutinized on various parameters before being appointed as a member of the Council. A member of SAC serves to enhance creativity, technical, managerial skills and also assimilates knowledge of wisdom