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Sagar Group of Institutions-SIPTec organized a semester Break Training program from 10th Dec 2019 for all Year Students. Glimpses of Day 1, 2 & 3 Here the #students are learning using Pharmaceutical Machinery as per syllabus of PCI. This training program teaches the students to know various steps and Processess involved in Pharmaceutical Industry. Day 1: Training Session started with induction programme by Dr. Kuldeep Ganju (Principal SIPTec) on implementing Pharmaceutical Knowledge. This helped the students to understand and learn the need of Pharmacists and Drug Formulations and its relevance in Field of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences. Day 2: Students were exposed to write #logic Behind the Pharmaceutics Instrumentation and Basics of Pharmaceutics. that are required for Industrial Skills. This will help the students to learn what type of Branches and Fields in Pharmaceutics can be Learned. Day 3: In Shift 1, Students were Asked to Work on The Instruments in The Laboratory and were Assigned Various Tasks. Students Prepared Cosmetic Products (Vanishing Creams/Cold Creams). And Also Studied there Properties and Learned International Quality Standards. In Shift 2, Basics of Organic Medicinal Chemistry was Delivered. Students were Explained upon Widely Consumed Drugs such as Paracetamol, Aspirin. Day 4 : Done Chemistry practicals Day 5: Training & Placement knowledge

  • Date: 26-12-2019