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"Sagar Manthan"

Under the judicious guidance of the Executive Director, Mr. Pawan Grover, the Training and Placement cell (SISTec) organized a six day Residential Campus Recruitment Training Program by the name of 'SAGAR MANTHAN' for seventh semester engineering students, at SISTec Gandhi Nagar, from 12th July to 18th July 2012. The workshop was inaugurated by the Chairman, Sagar Group of Institutions, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Agrawal who appreciated the effort whole heartedly. The Principal Dr. S. S. Patil advised the students to be proactive and hone the skills necessary to cope with the type of work envisaged for them. Mr. Vivek Rai and his dedicated team comprising Mr. Abhinav Raisa, Dr. Sachin Chaudhary & Salman Quazi, apprised the students about the importance of this workshop.

As the name suggests SAGAR MANTHAN was an endeavour on the part of the management to develop the various skill sets in the students which would increase the employability index of the budding engineers. Mr. Grover, the Executive Director who has an eye for detail, meticulously took care of the nitty gritty and planned each session. Modules were decided and teams were formed accordingly. There were meetings and reviews chaired by the Executive Director

The workshop was organized to sensitize the students and motivate them into action mode. Every day began with a Yoga session so as to enthuse energy in the students. It was a rigorous training program where the Sagarites undertook sessions on aptitude training, group discussions, interview skills, inter personal skills, resume building, just a minute session, goal setting etc. The aptitude training was solely handled by Mr. Sandeep Jain. The other modules were planned and presentations on each of these were given by the communication skill faculty members of SISTec Gandhi Nagar, SISTec-R and SISTec-E. Certain sessions like internet search engines, newspaper reading etc were taken up by Training and Placement team.

The students even had a chance to have a session by Mr Pravar Shrivastava of Naukri.com who delivered his talk on optimum utilization of Job Portals, which enabled them to have an in depth knowledge of use of job portals.

This workshop even had fun packages for the students like movie screening and pool side dinner. The workshop was concluded by mock campus interview sessions and the best performers were suitably rewarded. The initiative was well received by the students and is one of the successful ventures of the college.

The Executive Director thanked the Training and Placement team profoundly, who had left no stone unturned to make this workshop a success.